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A Survival Option When Surpression Fails

wildfire survival options when surpression fails

Global & Terrorist Threats of Coordinated
Aerial Wildfire Attacks Demand
Shaping the Battle Space with a
Universal Survival Blueprint

Training for Climate Intensification. A survival option for those times when traditional suppression will fail. When and How to revert to this simple procedure to safely make an extreme fire storm pass and do no harm. Our future is faster, hotter, more deadly fire storms and even coordinated, aerial spawned WMD attacks by terrorists. Small aircraft laying out thousands of fire starts, perpendicular to strong, regional wind events; mostly at night so by morning all starts have burned together for hundreds of miles. 200' flames sweeping across terrain.

This makes the land owner COMMAND events, and ensure elimination of loss; happens consistently.

Wildfire tools
Our tools were designed by a career smokejumper to enhance safety, versatility, user comfort and production issues. Generally, they get the user upright, so they can see, have better leverage/balance and can respond to so many more different changing conditions with far more productive comfort.

The concept is a stronger, more ergonomic handle. The user chooses one primary tool head attachment to work with the majority of the time and carries a secondary tool head to add versatility for any wildfire ecosystem.

These tools are exceptionally light weight and balanced. If you pick them up and feel them, you will want them, and they are far more durable than traditional, fixed, fire tools.

Pulaski blades are replaceable for $ 50.00 and should last about 5 hard seasons.

New Handles can be put on your old CNC handle fittings, and refurbished for $50.00.

The Troop Tool (right) is a push button, larger bladed, lighter combi tool. There is a diagional angle set for a digging and throwing dirt, as with a fire shovel. The 90 degree angle set, (shown in the below pictures) is the stand upright, line scraping, and upright chinking, mixing, mop up device. The angle set that folds blade against the handle serves as a safety staff to assist fire fighters during x-country travel on bad or steep ground.

Troop Tool

  • Blade locked in diagonal shovel mode for digging and throwing dirt.
  • Blade locked against itself for storage and cross country travel. Serves as a great safety staff for eliminating falls on bad ground.
  • Right angle mode for upright line scraping (teeth hitting ground) or upright chinking, mixing and mop-up mode (shovel point hitting ground) takes the drudgery out of mop-up operations.

Wildfire tools Below are the basic kits we put together for different agencies, from wildfire fighters to the U.S. Military for counter-terrorist missions and general combat engineering and armor roles.

Quality wildfire hand tools kits. Balanced, ergonomically superior to enhance safety, versatility and production. Your first use on a fire pays for them. They are long lasting.


Universal Wildfire Tool Kit -- $495

Universal Wildfire Kit: $495, total weight 11 pounds. Good for all wildfire fuels anywhere on earth. Dragon Swatter … 3 lb. beating tool for all tough turf grasslands, where root mass or organic matt prevents easy scraping of fire line down to mineral soil. Universal Handle … 1.5 lb. 2” longer than traditional Pulaski handle, 3 times stronger. Large Hickory wood mass in CNC fitting eliminates shearing problems. Magnum Pulaski …2.7 lbs. Replaceable blades, grub-hoe twice width of regular Pulaski! Balanced, center of mass at handle hole, safer! When snap-locked to Universal Handle same weight as traditional Pulaski only better balanced/longer Orange blade guards/elastic webbing, hold two stainless screws to form an emergency handle from a sapling on fire if ever needed. Two holes in Pulaski. Troop Tool … 3 lb. Better angled shovel, better Mcleod, because of curved blade. A new stand erect mop-up tool for mixing/chinking, Stows flat for travel, serves as a Safety staff for X country travel on bad ground.

BLM Smokejumper Kit -- $395

7.5 lbs. This outfits any fire fighter for temperate forests East or West for the perfect combination of capabilities to handle all the changing chores on any wildfire. This is our largest selling kit. BLM jumpers bought 680 sets of these tools, and have been fire proving their value for over a decade. They are our chief advertisers. Via word of mouth, feeling them, out in the field, and just seeing the tools in action. Other crews discover they are true advancements in safety, versatility and effectiveness. They buy them over the obsolete GSA tools in the Wildfire Catalog on page 9. Change comes from the doers at the bottom of the food chain. A quality, lightweight, tough tool.


Troop Tool Kit -- $300

Tool: 3 lbs, Universal Handle: 1.5 lbs, 38” long. Troop Tool has push button blade angle selection. This is the best single fire tool for all temperate forests. Full sized angled Shovel for digging and throwing dirt. Folded back upon itself for storage/stowing. With handle Troop Tool is a fine breaking device or safety staff for fire fighters dealing with steep or bad ground. The 90 degree blade set is the better Mcleod or line scraping setting. Keeps fire fighters upright and comfortable while digging line. Used point first, this is the new, and best mixing/chinking tool. Takes the drudgery out of mop-up. We have entire crews using this tool. They typically hold up for 10 hard fire seasons, then have to be refurbished with new shovel blade, because they are so often sharpened down; to become too small. In Eastern Deciduous Forests the high backed shovel blade makes a far better council tool to drag down hill. This plows a fire line through leaves; using mostly gravity instead of raking.  

Federal Hot Shot Kit -- $395

Dragon Rhinehart folds flat, stows and carries better, safer than a traditional Rhinehart. Plus it is still an angled shovel for lifting & throwing dirt, and is a safety staff for bad ground.


Universal Handle Attachments All three $395 or $150 ea.

These are three different tool head attachments crews have asked us to make for them. All individual parts cost $150 each. Three individual attachments can form a kit, and we simply charge a kit price, which would be $395 rather than $450. Top, Tony pad modification of our Dragon Swatter. A foot X foot in size, weighs 3 lbs. Works good in Arctic tussock, tropical swamp, and Northern forest taiga. Our long strap, two foot wide dragon swatters work best in temperate areas Middle, A Dragon Rhinehart. A stowable, long handled hoe. Simply a Troop Tool with the shovel tip cut off. Works as angled shovel, and safety staff. Bottom tool, The Bonnie Hammer. Made up for swampers on Hot Shot Crews. A modified Magnum Pulaski, made out of all steel. Aluminum/Copper alloy can’t withstand striking forces needed to drive felling wedges. Bonneville IHC idea!

Elite Crew Kit -- $2100

Option #1 5 BLM Smokejumper kits Extra handle Bonnie Hammer Orange Dragon Case
Option #2 4 Universal Wildfire Kits
Extra handle
Bonnie Hammer Orange Dragon Case

Green (refurbished) Tools & Costs
All individual tool components cost $150 each. It costs $50 for refurbishing a tool Handle with new handle. It costs $50 to refurbish our Pulaskis with new blades. We have some Hot Shot Crews now on their third set of blades. There are over four thousand of these tool sets out in the field. We get 20 to 30 handles back to be refurbished and about that many Pulaskis per year to be refurbished.

Fire managers have told us; they are money ahead by simply buying a set of these tools for each fire fighter. They give these tools to their fire fighters saying, "these are your tools. They belong to you; not the government. When you leave this job, take them with you." What they found was, an end to tool accountability problems.

No more disappearing tools. People take care of their own tools. Free, low cost government tools are not valued. They constantly disappear, and are used up, destroyed quickly. No matter what kind of fire season; each year the Government buys 80,000 Pulaskis. Cheap tools, not valued. They are perishable. They wear quickly. The entire tool gets thrown out even those with good handles. This is a waste of resources, and ends up being far less economical than our green tools.

Our tools are longer lasting they are re-bladed, re-handled, and last for a very long time, not just one campaign fire before being thrown out.

Once people use our tools they do not want to go back to single function, traditional tools. These new, improved tools are the future for professional wild land fire fighters. Temporary, pick up folks can be assigned traditional pulaskis and shovels.

Shaping The Battle Space

A Book to prepare against
Global Warming and Fire Attack
Book and Dragon Wizz Wheel - $50.00

Along with this book is our "Dragon Wizz Wheel Tool" (below) which shows fire fighters and interface dwellers how to strategically set up their home in wild land fuels in order to be always ready in ignite an "ESCAPE FIRE" or FRONT FIRE to form an instant SAFETY HARBOR AREA" to survive an extreme wilfire, that cannot be stopped, before it will engulf a home.

We come to different countries, states, and fire ecosystems and put on "ESCAPE FIRE TRAINING PROGRAMS". We generally combine these with cake sales and public fair outreach or weekend live fire shows. These shows can be used to raise fire department funds for equipment and mostly for citizen education events to make communitites able to endure extreme fire events, that would normally result in destroyed homes as we see often on the news networks.

When you evacuate homeowners and lose homes, basically there is no fire management going on and fire suppression agencies in those fire jurisdictions do not really know anything except being effective at water squirting on low intensity, easy fires. Often they make easy fires look bad, but there are now methods that effectively work when traditional suppression fails.

"Dragon Wizz Wheel Tool" shows fire fighters and interface dwellers how to strategically set up their home in wild land fuels in order to be always ready in ignite an "ESCAPE FIRE" or FRONT FIRE to form an instant SAFETY HARBOR AREA" to survive an extreme wilfire, that cannot be stopped, before it will engulf a home.

Dragon Wizz Wheel
Escape Fire Academywww.dragonslayers.com
Call: (503) 368- 7099

An option to eliminate loss, in the interface. Land management positioning and training. Effective mitigation kits: book, Wizz Wheel, video, hand tools, foam pump, nozzles, hose, drip torch.Email: troop.dragonslayers@yahoo.com


Strategic Positioning to parry extreme wildfires, make them pass and do no harm. A consistent option when traditional suppression will fail. This is fire management for interface dwellers and local fire departments.


Two day classes and outdoor "Escape Fire Lab" where students actually do an Escape Fire inside a prepared cauldron costs about $2,000 for us to come and put on the course for community and fire jurisdiction.

Escape Fire Academy Escape Fire Academy

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